This I Believe

Holly - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Normal Doesn’t Exist

What is normal? Everyone seems to have an idea of what weird is , but I have not yet met a normal human being in this life. Every person I have known thus far has had something about them that would be considered by most to be strange or “abnormal”. I’ve decided that normality has become as impossible to achieve as perfection, because not a single person in the world can obtain either of those goals.

I remember the first time I saw how abstract the term normal had become. I was on the phone with my friend, and we were trying to come up with one normal person in our school, and each person we could even see as “normal” had one thing about them that would disqualify them for the term. So if no one is normal, how can society consider the average person normal? The normal person is somewhat weird, and that gives normal a new meaning altogether.

Even though I can say what normal is not, I still cannot say what normal is. I know I’m not normal, unless normal is someone who loves to read all the time, listens to Evanescence constantly, and wears flip-flops even when its forty degrees outside. However I am unable to find a set definition for a normal person, and I think that the search for normality might be one without an end. I find it easier just to do away with the term normal when it comes to describing people, because it confuses more than it clarifies. Anyway, who wants to be considered ordinary and like everyone else? I surely don’t, and I believe that most want to be themselves, not like everybody else.

So if you want to use the term normal to describe people, go ahead. But think about what normal is before you consider someone as that term, and maybe you’ll come up with a better word to describe this person.