This I Believe

Abby - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Piano Lessons

I’ve always been a patient person, but this patience has always been tested by the task of practicing and playing a duet on the piano with my sister. We have always had very different tastes in music; my love of soft and flowing music differed so much from her preference of the steady and even beats of classical pieces. Even though we both loved playing the majestic instrument, we played so differently, but looking back on it now I realize that while we tried each others patience, we were really learning and growing together.

Even though my sister has always been my best friend, we are different in many ways have our occasional disputes, and many of those arguments were over playing a piece on the piano together. It was always, “You’re going too fast, or you’re playing your left hand too loud!” What I learned from these experiences is that in order for the song to have harmony, we needed to find a middle ground and work together. It wasn’t just one of us who needed to fix something in our playing, but both of us needing to compromise, “I’ll slow down, while you work on speeding up.”

I have now played the piano for seven years, and my love for the instrument has not wavered, but grown stronger and deeper over the years. Now, if I ever have a bad day, get a bad grade, or need to get out some frustration, I just go and play, and almost as soon as my fingers touch the keys I can feel the anger and frustration leave my body. From playing the piano all of these years I’ve learned how to work with people better, how to have more patience, and how to compromise.

In my opinion, in order to make it in the real world, everyone needs to be able to work with other people, and while learning to play the piano (alone and with my sister) I learned these necessities. I will be eternally grateful for the fact that I decided to learn to play that piano because with out realizing it, I made a choice that will help make me successful later in life. Even though my sister has stopped playing the piano, due to the fact that she will be starting college soon, the lessons we unknowingly learned while playing together will stay with us forever.