This I Believe

Stefanie - Dalton, Georgia
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Heroes Come in All Sizes

My daughter was born was born May 9th 2005 with Treacher Collins Syndrome. It has caused her to be hearing impaired, and caused her outer facial apperance to look different from what we consider the normal. She is very head strong and determined to be such a young age. When she was born, my life and my children’s life changed completely. I see my little daughter as my hero, because in 18 months she has taught me how to be patient, determined, and has opened my eyes not to be so shallow.

Before my daughter was born, I spent most of my time yelling at my other two children for their mistakes. I wasn’t thankful for the attempts that they made. When I found out all of the complications my daughter was born with, I took notice in the health of my other two children. They made mistakes, and I was thankful they were even able. I have patience when they ask the same question over and over to answer them without yelling. I am thankful for her and the calm she brought into my life because without it I would still be missing the small but important things from my older kids.

My daughter caused me to have determination to change things in my community for the hearing impaired. I have never noticed the things hearing impaired people have to miss out on until she was born. I am determined to change things in her life, as well as others so they can lead a normal life as much as possible. My daughter gave me determination to better myself and I am now determined to be a better mom.

Before she was born, I also was a little shallow and stared at people who didn’t fit the description of what we consider normal. I have learned from her not to judge people by their outer appearance. I have allowed myself to take the time to get to know people before I try to judge them.

I am so thankful that I was blessed with my daughter, she changed our lives for the better. I never thought that I would have a 18 month old who can barely say mommy as my hero, but I believe heroes can come in many sizes.