This I Believe

Vincent - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: community, peace, war

Unity and Peace

Most major religions put alot of importance in peace. Unity, although not totally, is what has made humans so able to live on this world. Through these to things, alot of the problems of the world could be fixed. It is something that I think exists in everyones idea of the utopian society.

I developed these ideas through many things. Ideas of peace out of John Lennon are very influential to me. The Hindu idea of Brahma, to me, is an influence of unity. Buddhism is in support of it. I also like some Christian Philosophies. Certain 10 comandments can be said to promote unity(like no murder), can be said to support it, which goes to but christianity and Judaism. There are other religions,too. The very government, if you think about it, is intended to get peace and unity, even if it is often unsuccessful. Society structures like communism and socialism also were made for atleast one of these goals. I can’t really say exactly when I became in support of peace, but I know it has been awhile, and the idea of unity has taken hold just this year. I may have had talks with people about these things, but I can’t think of a single event that pushed me towards it.

Although, humans are very attracted to conflict, I think peace and unity are entirely possibly. Conflict doesn’t stop peace and unity, it can exist in such an enviroment. Things like paintball, boxing, and wrestling are a kind of substitute for conflict. A lot of the things people fight about can be avoided. As far as war goes, sometimes war is the only route a country can take, but you can still work around things and lower the damage you have to do. I ,like everyone who believes this, do not hold true to this things very well. It’s about the effort. I as, as a person, want to take that effort. I don’t try enough yet, and it takes time, it has to get in your subconscious, and it certainly isn’t in mine, but I would like it there. I may not succeed, but I can help the world by at least trying to be a more peaceful person.

This is a big part of what I believe. I believe that it is the meaning of life, to attain peace and Unity. I hope that it can be accompkished some day.