This I Believe

Kaitlin - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Great Deeds equals Great Rewards

Have you ever worked hard for something, and then have received a reward for it? I believe that people work hard for things they want, and when they accomplish their tasks, they are rewarded for them.

Ever since I was 2 years old, I have been dancing. Competitions I have competed at have shown that when you work hard you are rewarded. Before every competition, I practiced hard to get the best place I could. Freshman year, I earned the spot of Captain of the Oak Hills Juniors Dance Team. Before I was chosen as the leader of the team, I had to work hard and earn my position. I tried my best at everything my coaches expected me to do, and with that I got the respect of my coaches and the rest of the team. State came around and as a leader I tried my best to lead my team to victory. We earned the gold medal, and I received the Grand Champion Leadership Award.

With all my hard work throughout the season, I received an award that I will never forget how hard I worked for it. This just proved that when you work hard for something you want and you accomplish a deed or a goal you are striving for, you will be rewarded in a way that will never be forgotten. There was a lot of responsibility that came along with the position of being the captain of the dance team. Not only was it the ability and skill of dancing, it was also the fact of carrying out the deeds that were asked of you. Leadership was a major part of being captain. I had to take the role of making sure that everyone was at the right place at the right time. Doing the great deeds I accomplished showed at the end of the year with the title of Grand Champion Captain.

There are many other deeds you can be rewarded for. They don’t have to be so complicated. I have done other simpler deeds, such as setting the table, folding laundry to collecting food for a food bank, and all of these have led to many rewards. The reward doesn’t always have to be a prize or money; it could also just be a recognition for your hard work. No matter how hard the deed may be, just work to the best of your own ability. It will get you far in life.