This I Believe

Laura - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65


Why is everyone in the world different? Wouldn’t it be easier if we were all the same? My answer is no.

I believe it is important for people to be their own person and be accepting of others for who they are.

Differences are a major part of well everything if everyone was the same there wouldn’t be anything to learn. Some people are made fun of because they are different, but do you really want everyone to be exactly the same? I know I don’t and I can relate to people who are mad fun of for being different.

Something that really hit home for me was an experience I had while at a Girl Scout event. I was teaching a group of younger girls and I noticed that one girl was sitting in the corner and no one would go up to her and talk to her. I walked up to her and was about to ask if she wanted to come work with the groups when one of the other girls yelled “don’t talk to her she’s weird.” I was shocked these were six and seven year old girls and they were already distancing themselves from people who they didn’t see were just like them.

What bugged me more was that the women who were the leaders of this troop didn’t do anything to stop this. I can relate to this little girl because I have never fit in perfectly and I have been an outcast before but I have never had anyone yell out that I’m weird or different. During the rest of that meeting I made sure that the little girl was included in the activities we were doing and the other girls actually started to warm up to her and the little girl who yelled out earlier apologized for what she had said.

I have never in my life experienced the feeling that I did that evening was so shocked that little girls would not accept another girl because she didn’t follow all of the trends that they did. As I have gotten older I have noticed that more people are less accepting of others even though we know more about people we still won’t accept them. I believe that you should get to know people and you should accept them for who they are and not care if they don’t look a certain way or act a certain way.

Sometimes I wish everyone were alike but then I realize that everything would be boring and I wouldn’t be the person I am today. This I believe.