This I Believe

Kalia - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Be yourself and I’ll be me.

By: Kalia Haile

The “this” that I believe is in watching the overcrowded bandwagon as it passes you, smiling all the while.

I believe that even if your bandwagon has a broken wheel and a party of one, you should go ahead and ride with it. Not going along with everybody else is a major influential aspect of my everyday life. Before anyone says anything, no, I don’t not conform to call myself a “rebel” or some excuse like that. Not being/doing like everyone else around you is all about showing your self and being original, instead of brainwashed to be how others want you to be.

Throughout my life, I have been one to beat my own drum. From doing martial arts since I was little, showing me to not be the stereotypical girly girl, to being a so called nerd; most people would be unhappy to be called that, whereas I truly don’t care what people think about me.

My mom has told me many times of my first time to go astray from the group: in preschool, the rest of the class would sing “the itsy bitsy spider” or the “ABC’s” together. Then, with the music I grew up to, I would sing, “I got the power” all by myself. Perhaps I was just born with that sort of nonconforming train of thought.

More recently, last year in science, my class had to build roller coasters. I decided to think outside of the box, and I taped together two yard décor candy canes to create a coaster with the required details. I arrived at school to see the wooden/metal creations everyone else had made. But I didn’t care as people laughed at my simple project; I just laughed back at them to myself, carrying my lightweight roller-coaster in one hand, while I saw people having someone to help them carry theirs down the steps.

I have discovered that some people do admire my originality. I remember in seventh grade when one friend of mine said that she liked the fact that I’ll wear what I like, be goofy or something, or be the person our class seems to think as a walking dictionary, and not care about the “he said, she said” ‘s stated about me. It made me feel like I should stick with my ways of liking to be different.

Now, it must be understood that if I do indeed like something other people do as well, then I’ll do it, but the point is not because everyone else does it. Of course, I believe in doing basic requirements.

What I would like to find out is why most people find it so hard to not go along with what the masses of people are doing. You shouldn’t live your life by the guidelines of fads and what others like. It feels good to say “I like my way and I am going to stick with it”.