This I Believe

Brandon - cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Well-spoken: speaking well, fittingly, or pleasingly. Being well spoken has and will always be important to me. Just by saying the simple words of please and thank you, people will think differently of you. My parents are to be credited with stressing being well spoken and kind. When I meat new people, my elders or people of authority I always say please and thank you and watch my words and I don’t make rude jokes.

It shows that you care what they think of you and they are usually kind back. It shows education and sophistication and in these times is it a belief often over looked and not cared about. I know my teacher appreciate when their students say please and thank you, also if I were to tell a teacher that I am going to the bathroom they might not let me but I ask nicely they most likely would because I was not rude in any way and showed respect.

You get a reputation of being rude and a good reputation of you are nice all the time and it is not over looked by people, example, I recently meet one of my moms friends and we had a nice conversation and when I left the first think she said to my mom was “Your son is very nice and well spoken, he must be very intelligent”.

I enjoy people liking to talk to me and I make an effort not to cuss or make rude comments. Other people enjoy talk to someone who talk right and not in slag or who use improper words. If you walk into a job interview and greet the manager by what’s up or using word that really aren’t words like ain’t, yup, and na you get one strike against you and your chances of getting the job lessen compared to someone who is kind and use correct language. If by being well spoken doesn’t give you any reward at the moment then it will come later in a form of the person doing something nice for you that they usually wouldn’t do.

By living a life of being well spoken and kind can lead to opportunities that other wise night not happen. People will like you and respect you. You don’t have to be an angel, just speak like one. All of this is important to me because I care about my reputation and enjoy other people enjoying me. In a society when rudeness and cussing seem to be found everywhere a little please and thank you can go a long way.