This I Believe

Brooklyne - cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Good Is What Gets You There

I believe that we all have a purpose in life, and that it is our job and responsibility to figure out what that purpose is. I think that it is important to set goals for yourself, and that you can never start striving for them too early. The earlier you decide what your dreams and goals are, the more time you have to work towards them.

I am fifteen years old, and I have already decided what I want to be when I get older. A lot of people my age haven’t sat down to make that decision in their life yet. I wanted to get an early start, so that I have more time to work towards my goals and dreams. I understand that it takes hard work and a lot of sacrifice to actually turn those goals and dreams into reality, but that it will all be worth it in the long run. There is a lot of schooling required to become the dentist I want to be, but I have already began my journey to that goal. I have shadowed a dentist, and know which colleges have the best programs for cosmetic dentistry, as well as understanding how many years of schooling this is actually going to take. But the possible income and possible lifestyle all seems worth it to me.

There are teenagers out there who have given their future a thought, but then you have those who are too busy partying and thinking they will be this age forever. They feel that it is too far away to even worry about, and laugh at teens like me, who already are going after their dreams. They tell us that we’re missing out on all of the fun, and don’t understand why we spend so much time working on homework. Drinking, smoking , and boys seem to have overtaken the average girls life. What big parties are this weekend is the big topics they discuss at lunch. If they only understood how bad that really made them look to other people. Especially parents who see them acting in foolish ways. It ruins their reputation, and the good name of their parents. The sad thing is, some of them even know that it is wrong, and that when they get older they’ll regret it. But since they want to be considered “cool”, continue doing it any way.

They call students like me “goodie-goods”, and think that we are snobs. However, ten years from now I know that they will regret it, and they will be wishing that they wouldn’t have partied as much as they did. I honestly feel that there is plenty of time for that when I get older, and see no point in it now. You spend more time being an adult than you do a child. Why not work hard while you’re young, so that when you get older, you’re happy with what you have done with yourlself?

I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything in life. In fact, I’m the one who will remember every weekend of my teenage years, because I wasn’t too drunk to know what was going on. I know that when I get older I will have plenty of time to do those things. I want to get that huge house everyone dreams of. I want to get that butler to do things for me, and I want to have the newest car out there! I belive good is what gets you there!