This I Believe

Stacey - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

“Everything Happens For A Reason”

Everything happens for a reason. Good things, bad things, and even meaningless things that people don’t even take notice to, all happen for a reason. It’s hard to find the meaning in simple ideas, but everything has a meaning. There is always going to be a story behind the daily things that happen everyday, a story that has a meaning.

My grandma was diagnosed with Lung Cancer two years ago. She was one of the biggest Cincinnati Bengals fans I knew. About two years ago, I was totally unconcerned about football and defiantly about the Bengals. I probably couldn’t have told you the name of anyone on the team. I remember sitting in the waiting room while my family visited with our sick grandma. I had nothing else to do, so I decided to watch the football game, little did I know that I would be watching these players every Sunday from now on.

I was actually enjoying a football game and was getting excited for the Bengals victory, especially since my Nana loved them so much. After the game, I went in to talk to my grandma. I told her the Bengals had won, but the cancer was messing up her brain. She had no idea what day it was or where she was. I wasn’t even sure if she knew who I was. She thought I had said they won the Super Bowl. Her eyes lit up and she was so excited. Even though this wasn’t true, it made her extremely happy. It was that day at the hospital that changed my life dramatically. I’m not really sure why I became such a big fan, but I think it was for my grandma. I have been a huge fan since that day. I was even selected to be one of the top Bengals fans in the Cincinnati Enquirer. My grandma’s death may have been a sad thing, but it ended up turning into something better. One devastating day brought on many exciting ones.

I believe that you have to deal with the bad stuff, because it will always turn into something better. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Even if you don’t see the reasoning behind something, it will always make you stronger in the end. Life wouldn’t be very fun if it was all easy. You have to take chances sometimes, even if you have no clue where they are going to take you. I know a little girl with an extremely rare form of cancer. Even though her cancer isn’t the greatest thing, she has taught us all not to take life for granted. She is only 4, and her life could be taken away any one of these days. I believe that you can find good in any situations, even one’s like this.

I think that each and every second of your day affects your life. Even some random person I see in the hallway will affect my life later on. I may not now how they affect my life at the moment, but 20 years from now I guarantee they will serve some purpose. My grandma’s cancer has made me a better person, and not just because I understand football now. I’ve learned that I can open up to people, and not to be afraid. I have also learned that “everything happens for a reason”.