This I Believe

marika - cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


I believe everyone should accept everyone else as equals no matter how different they are. I have come to this philosophy through many events in my life. The one I feel the strongest about is race. I relived this on the first day of third grade. I had just switch to a new school in the district. I was on the bouncing seesaw at recess with a boy I knew from my other school. We were trying to make each other fall off. When another girl sat down across from me. She was African-American, but at the time I didn’t notice. The girl, CeCe, and I became best friends.

From that moment on, people who didn’t accept people of other races angered me. I felt insulted by racist behavior because they were insulting my friend. I saw nothing different between us. We both accepted the fact we were different.

But, I don’t think acceptance should stop at race. When I moved into my new house when I was six, the family who lived next door had two mental handicap children. At first I was almost afraid of the situation. But when I spent time with the family I learned to accept it. The older boy, Jeff, seemed normal to me. He acted like most boys in his own way. After the years past my sisters’ friend said she was afraid of Jeff.

I was dumfounded by the statement. To me it was like being afraid of any other person. I had accepted him to the point I didn’t see a difference. It is things like that that make acceptance my life philosophy. I think all people should be acceptance no matter what race, sexuality, or other things that make people different.

I saw an election commercial that said people shouldn’t vote for this person because she was ‘crazy’ for supporting gay marriage. Which is a good example of how people don’t accept things. They are just like everyone else and people should accept the fact they could be able to get married.

That is why I believe that all people should be accepted. Everyone is the same. It might not look like it on the outside, but if you accept the outside and on the inside you will see that everyone is the same. Then people can learn to accept it.