This I Believe

chase - lutz, Florida
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Life is Easier for Attractive People

Let’s be honest here. Life is much easier for attractive people. We all know that, just no one ever says it. People favor attractive people, it doesn’t matter if you’re attractive or not. Attractive people favor other attractive people because they feel like they’re in some special club, and good-looking people should only be around other good-looking people. Ugly people favor attractive people because they want to get on the good-looking persons side, like its some rewards system every time you help an attractive person out, you get enough points and you’ll magically change to be more attractive.

So I’m standing in a grocery line when this hot girl drops her grocery basket. About twelve guys rushed over to help her. You see guys sprinting down the aisles, knocking over everything in their way to go and fight to pick up her basket. Meanwhile an ugly girl drops her basket as the guys are sprinting by her not even paying attention to her. As I went over to go help her out it struck me how much easier attractive people really have it.

When you see a hot person in line and they’re about a dollar short to buy something the cashier will just wave it off and take it out of their own wallet. When the teacher is grading papers, who gets more leniency the ugly kid that burns out their retina, or the cute little kid that sits there quietly. What do you do when you’re walking down the street and a random hot person smiles and waves at you? You smile back. What happens when an ugly person smiles at you? “Ew, what do you want?” is a common response. When two people are up for a promotion, who gets it the thin, chesty blonde? Or the flat-chested brunette that works like a horse but looks like one too? Blonde wins every time. Countless times a day I see examples of this and it really is true. Attractive people have life easier.

They are favored by society in virtually every way. So if you’re attractive stop working because success will be given to you. If you’re ugly stop trying because attractive people already have too much of an advantage. I can’t really give any advice to people sitting on the line, except maybe to get plastic surgery to put you on the positive side, because life is easier for attractive people.