This I Believe

Sarah - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

We all Need to be Loved

“The proof is in the past, the fruit of our labor is in the future,” (G.H. Johnston). I believe after we have taken time to love someone, our treasures are storing up in heaven. Everyone desires to love and to be loved, meaning we need more than just ourselves in the world, people to love and people to give love. The feeling of being lonely is unbearable, normally we depend on others for happiness.

Humans were put on the earth for the purpose to love each other. We need one another for advice, enjoyment, assistance, and LOVE. Love is free, so we can willingly give it to everyone at anytime. I’ve always tried to love individuals for their unique personalities, and this past summer in 2006, I got my perfect opportunity to do so. This life changing experience allowed me to share my love with a simply amazing family. Sadly they were victims of Hurricane Katrina, but not for long!

We arrived on July 16th, to Gulfport, Mississippi, little did we know that this event would have such a huge impact on us. Our youth group got our tiny non-air-condition tents, three high wooden beds, no electricity, portal potties, and week long schedule of our work. We expected to be going down there with bits of luxury, and to do some clean-up from the hurricane, but we were way wrong. That night I regretted going, and slowly cried myself to sleep.

Lights are on at 6 a.m., and we are off to the Rodgers’ house. This life changing adventure has just now begun! When we got to their home, we were told that we were going to be roofing all week long in this 90-100º weather. Wow, did I want to go back to Cincinnati now or what!? Dreading getting up on the roof all 15 of us did, the day drug on as we pried up tar paper, nails, and shingles. Disgustingly drenched in sweat, we went back to the campsite around 4 p.m. to shower.

The next morning, with the support of each other we drag out of bed and are off to the worksite. We arrived and got to meet the family! Right away we noticed that they needed hope, our love, and God’s love. Getting up on the roof we all worked our tails off. We wanted to finish the roof more than anything before the week was over. At days end we went to worship and couldn’t wait to get to bed, anxious to see the family tomorrow.

I woke up on Wednesday pumped and ready to go. This was my day, I knew it! I finally bonded with Raquel, Jas, “Mom”, Ty, and Ajournee. That was all that mattered I spent as much time with them as I could, while the group worked on the roof. Loving them meant so much more to me than finishing that roof. They needed to get their hope back, since the hurricane blew it away. We left that day with a third of the shingles on, which means only one day left to do two-thirds of the roof.

Thursday when we got to the Rodgers’, Raquel and Jas came out and did our morning bible study with us. Then we got rocking up there on the roof top, along with the company of Raquel and Jas. We got there earlier than we were suppose to this morning, and stayed extremely late, and we accomplished our goal of completing the roof! We had never met Jerry their dad, but he got off work early and hammered in the last nail that finished the roof, man did that make his day! That evening “Mom” gave us a barbeque, popsicles, and drinks. They gave us all they could, because we wouldn’t accept their money.

Our group gave the Rodgers’ family back there hope, along with some love and joy. It was so incredible to see that a family that had lost everything can appreciate the little things in life, and live on love. Love all you can because you never know what might happen to you or another person tomorrow.