This I Believe

Bradley - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

God’s always there

I believe that God is always is there for whatever you need. For someone in my family I believe that God was with him the whole surgery and life because he was the nicest person even though he was in the hospital.

About eight months ago I learned that my grandpa had to have open heart bypass surgery. He was 80 going on 81 years old. I was very, very worried about him and my grandma because they both kept each other company and he is getting up there so this was a very big chance that they were taking. He was always a generous loving man. On that beautiful day in March he went to the St. Elizabeth south and had his surgery. Everything went very well except at night they had to go back in and stop the internal bleeding. I was worried about if he could stand another surgery. I prayed to god very hard and asked to get him through this on more surgery. I know the rest of my family did the same. I truly believe that’s what got him through the surgery. He was in the hospital for 3 to five weeks. Then he went to a rehabilitation place in Covington. I visited him there a couple times. One time I my Aunt was there she and he made a cake with the others that were there. The entertainment director brought the cake in and he was sleeping. We woke him up. The man gave him a piece and my grandpa said, “thank you”. Even though he was sick he still used his manners like the other thousand times before surgery. Other patients I saw there sometimes were mean and almost violent.

He stayed there for about 2 or 3 weeks. Then he went to another rehab place in Erlanger, KY. He stayed there for about 2 to 4 weeks. You were aloud to take him home for a few hours here and there. My family fixed dinner for him . Before that he was offering food hust like he he did before surgery. At that point I thought he had come so far from not being able to walk and eat by himself to now almost take care of himself. It was truly a miracle! I really never thought he would be the same as before surgery.

I truly believe that God was with him the whole time through this. The whole time every night I would pray for him to get better and for my grandma get through this. I belive that is what got him through surgery and what has got him this far today.