This I Believe

Joseph - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: parenthood


I believe that discipline is what makes everyone act the way they do. From the time we are born are parents and family members are disciplining us. Parents discipline us all the way up until were adults and can discipline ourselves. When we are young are parents teach us to be polite and not to cry every time we want something. If we do something bad when were young we would usually get spanked or a timeout to teach us the thing we did was wrong and not to do it. The punishment or way our parents discipline us is what makes us not want to do the thing we did to get punished ever again. Although some of us do what we want and don’t care about the consequences or punishment our parents are going to give us they still try to discipline us to try to keep us from doing these things again.

Discipline is a thing our parents do to teach us the rules and what’s acceptable in our society. I have been disciplined ever since I was born and I know what’s wrong and what’s right because of my parents and what they have taught me to be acceptable. Even our teachers in school discipline us in school to show us what we can and can’t do in school. I was disciplined when I was a kid not to play by the street and not to throw balls around windows because I could get hurt or break something. The ways my parents disciplined me make me how I act today because most of the time if I’m doing something and I remember my parents punishing me the last time I did that thing I usually wont do it knowing that its wrong or could be dangerous.

I believe that the people in our lives who have been disciplining us since we’ve been born make us act the way we do today. We act the way we have been taught to all of our lives and we will act that way because that’s the way we’ve been taught.