This I Believe

robby - cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Never would have guessed.

Hi I’m Robby I have a story to tell that no one would think that I did unless you were there. I am a sophomore at Oak Hills School and no one at that school would guess what I did during my third grade year. What I did wasn’t extraordinary, but no one would have guessed that I did because back in third grade I was probably four foot 2 inches and I was very shy.

You are probably asking your self now what did I do, well I was playing football for our school team and I got a fumble recovery and ran with the ball almost for a touchdown. This doesn’t seem like much does it but to tell you it does because I made a little opportunity go a long way. See I was little for our team and I was on third string defense. See the game was 6-0 but we were losing. Both head coaches agreed on letting the second string play. Well out second string middle linebacker had to use the restroom so I came in and did some plays. What I didn’t know is those plays would change me for the rest of my life.

Well during those plays we fan 5-11. This play is when the defense lines up the defensive tackles against the guard and the middle linebacker blitzes. The third play we did this I took the ball out of the quarterback’s hands and ran for the end zone. This pretty much amazed my coaches.

How do u think this would make a kid feel if in his first year as a player he took the ball and only had one kid to beat to make the tying score and possible win it for his team? That was one thing no one though was going to happened.

So where ever you are the people around you aren’t always what you think they are or they did something special but no one knows so be nice to them you never know what they did.