This I Believe

Anthony - Eaton, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

The Insane Sanity of Sane Insanity

On some level, i should probably be putting more thought into this entire piece. But i believe in spontaneity, though it’s not what i this i believe. Ha! you know it’s funny, most people who write these probably spend hours carefully sculpting their words, making their essay shine. i’m not even capitilizing my i’s.

in the light of me writing this different, i don’t think i’ll reveal what i this i believe just yet…i think i’ll give it some time, and let it flow naturally, so here goes:

i grew up, and continue to grow up, in ohio. but a larger part of me doesn’t like to limit myself to a designated area. i live 45 minutes from my school, so i’m used to being in a car, entertaining myself.

bottom line, me and my mind spend a lot of time together. on some level i blame this purely for my self-admitted spend a million hours making love to your own thoughts and ideas, eventually you’re going to start overthinking things.

but in all of this time i’ve developed a sense of being…almost a character, you could say. it’s not as if i’m spending my days pretending to be someone else, i’m just terribly aware of who i am, and who others see me as. spend ten minutes with me and i’ll point out your biggest weakness and bring you right down to earth again.

i’ve been told i should be a psychologist, but i could never do that. people hate psychologists; that’s why they pay them four hundred bucks an hour to vent: you don’t want someone you care about to know what goes on inside your head. that’s why so many people reject god. you don’t want someone you care about to know what goes on inside your head.

and you generally care about yourself too. that’s probably why the number one cause of insanity is the fear of one’s own sanity. Seriously, think about that for an hour without going insane. Now, that seems a sane enough explanation, correct? You see, it’s the sanity you have to watch out for.

Of course, what is sanity, but a term congruent to that of self-realization?

And this I believe. The reason we do what we do, the reason we live each day, the reason we go to school ….it’s all just to keep us from self realization. School, god…all pretty great distractions; but…

This i believe. This is self realization.

For those of you who do not know, self realization is when one becomes aware of who one is. And i don’t mean what you’re wearing, or what gets you high. i mean, look in the mirror. who don’t you see?

And if self realization is sane, then we are insane.

And if we are insane, we are afraid of being sane.

And if we are afraid of being sane, we are afraid of self realization.

This i believe in self realization.