This I Believe

Tara - Gig harbo, Washington
Entered on November 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe, among many things, that time is most important. When speaking of time, of course I mean time in every aspect of the word, and although my opinion on time could be seen as odd, I believe that when you break it down, the idea becomes more and more clear.

The very moment our life starts, is the very moment that we begin to die. The second we see the light and breathe our first breath of air, is that of the same second our timer starts. Although that timer is set with a time, and the simple answer would be that we have while – Who’s to say exactly how long we have? There is no one in the world that holds that answer, and because the time we have here is such a mystery, I truly believe that each of us holds the biggest power in the world. Depending on how we use that power is what makes us who we are and is so important to ourselves, as well as those around us.

Life changing events can happen in what seems to be the blink of an eye; Last time I checked, blinking my eye takes less than one second, and if we added up on average the seconds per life span, it would be 1 to a really big number. In 60 seconds a life can be taken from us. In 60 seconds 15 lives could be taken from us. Within 60 seconds, each of us have anywhere from 40 to 55 seconds to make a choice, the remaining time is for us to communicate in some way the choice we just made.

27 years after he took his first breath, Jimi took his last. 26 years after his first breath Jimi found himself breathing along with the thousands surrounding him, while deeply impacting each of their lives with one song, and he made that choice just in time.

Martin Luther King Jr. had no idea that one day he would stand to face the fears of so many others, to represent not only his own pain, but also the pain of thousands. Martin Luther King Jr. expressed his hopes and his dreams, and being that time is a mystery, that was all he could do. Martin Luther King Jr. had no idea that someone was going to take his life for vocalizing his choices. He also had no idea that they stand true still to this day.

A few men sat in a room long ago, conversing with each other over a period of time about rules and regulations, which they thought, would withhold throughout. They were absolutely correct. Those men formed the country we live in today. The rules that let us say what we want, do pretty much as we please and be who we want to be. The time they took out of their lives, a few weeks, a few days, a few hours, as impacted every week, every day, every hour, every minute and every second of our lives.

This is why I believe time is the most important thing a person can ever have.