This I Believe

Michaela - Fairborn, Ohio
Entered on November 1, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

This I believe.

I believe in not thinking. I believe in just letting go and doing whatever my heart tells me to, living that moment however I please. I believe in telling myself to stop thinking and just do it. We are told over and over to think before we act, think before we speak and all those other”wise” sayings. But, I recently have decided I refuse to believe that those statements are true. You may think that this is stupid and asking for trouble, I’m not going to disagree with you there. In some situations not thinking can lead to a lot of trouble or mistakes. However, I believe that some of the best lessons that I have learned have come from my mistakes and that they’ve helped me become a better person. In fact, some of these hard learned lessons may actually have made me like myself more.

If you don’t spend your whole time thinking about what you should do you are forced to go with your heart and instinct. You avoid the mistake of acting how you think you should feel and listen to what your heart is actually saying. When you are faced with a difficult decision, you can get too caught up thinking about what you should do or what others think you should do. It makes it difficult to listen to your heart and your feelings about what the RIGHT thing to do is. If you stop thinking and start listening to what your heart says it knows is true, chances are you’ll make the right decision.

I’m a high school runner. I’ve been running track since seventh grade and cross country since eleventh grade. I love the sport, I love racing and I love running. For years I was able to lace up my spikes and put all my thoughts aside and just run…and win. But then something happened…suddenly running became a thought process. I started thinking about running, analyzing how to run and how to win…worrying about each and every step I took. I’m now a senior and the best advice any coach has ever told me was “Michaela, don’t think about running, don’t think about the race, just run.” Easy words to say but you would be amazed at how hard it is to do. It’s like asking you to, in a way, just turn off your head.

Recently, I was finally able to do it, to conquer it and I was shocked. Not only did I get a personal best by about 20 seconds, it felt amazing. To just run, to just let go and run like I used to. I’d forgotten what it felt like. It’s almost like when you were a little kid and you were running just as hard and as fast you could just because you can. When you’re a kid, you don’t think about how fast you’re going or how slow you are…you’re just running. When you don’t think you feel stronger because you’re not calculating your pace or if the girl behind you is catching up. When you don’t think, you feel light and free and invincible and like you could keep going for miles.

There are so many situations where we think too much, where we should just stop thinking and start feeling. I’m only in high school, so I don’t know a whole lot about true love. I do however strongly believe that love is not something you think, it’s something you feel. When someone says “I think I’m in love him,” it kind of makes me doubt it. I don’t believe that you should think you are in love with someone. I think that before you say it, you should one hundred and ten percent know that you’re not just thinking so

much about how you WANT to be in love. I think that you should actually feel the love. Let you’re “I love you” come from your heart. Love is not a thought, love is a feeling. Thinking about those gut feelings clouds them with doubt and suspicion and worry. Over-thinking makes you change your mind, makes you stray from your true values.

Thinking causes worry. Worry causes stress. Stress takes the joy out of life. This is why I believe that thinking can sometimes be detrimental. I believe that the world would be a little happier and lot less stressed if people just did what they felt, followed their hearts and their gut. Remember to stop thinking long enough to live life to its full

potential. Carpe Diem, seize the day, is so true…if you think about life too much, it might just pass you by.