This I Believe

Chelsea - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

What could be more important than family?

I’m not quite sure what I would do without my family. They are my support system and more importantly they are the ones I love most in this world. I wouldn’t be able to go on living if they weren’t here with me.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been going to family events. Whether they be holidays, birthdays, graduations etc. Not only have I attended practically every one but I’ve always looked forward to them. I’m not as close to my father’s side of the family as I am to my mother’s side. My mom comes from a large family, she is one of eight. There are seven girls and one boy. So not a day goes by when I don’t see or talk to one of them.

Even when I started to talk as a baby I was taught that I didn’t need to address my aunts and uncles as “Aunt So and So.” Big families are great in my opinion. I have 35 first cousins and seven second cousins. Not to mention the fact that my sister is pregnant! Although lately its been a little harder to visit with my family members.

Just a few months ago I lost a huge part to my family and one of my best friends. My grandma, whom I always called “Lady”, wasn’t like other grandmothers. She was an 85 year old woman who acted and felt like a young woman in her twenties. I was always jealous of that fact. I remember thinking that if I could be anything like her at her age I would have a fulfilled life. I mean sure she would pass me a few dollar bills when my parents weren’t looking, made me handmade blankets that smelled just like her and her house, and could make you just about anything you wanted to eat.

She was so much more to me. I lived for her stories about our heritage or even her cute little bed time lullabies. Every Sunday we would have her over for dinner and she would end up being here for hours. Many hours longer than she hoped. We would watch movies and play card games and then the laughing would start. When we would laugh its almost as if it couldn’t stop. Then tragedy struck, in May of last year my grandmother was diagnosed with Colon Cancer.

She had an operation to remove the tumor but it was too late, the cancer had already spread. By that November she passed. Every summer vacation since I can remember she was there with us. So, this summer vacation was very different and sad. It really made me realize that she was really gone and that she wasn’t coming back. She was the only grandmother I had, my other grandmother died when I was just one year old. She meant the world to me and I miss her more and more everyday.

I have many beliefs in my life but family is my number one. No matter what you do, whether you make the biggest mistake of your life or if you achieve greatness, they are there for you twenty-four seven. That is what I believe.