This I Believe

Alexander - Gig Harbor, Washington
Entered on November 1, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe we should leave the politics to the politicians and meat to the butchers; they do their job everyday and require no assistance. I am a student and I am good at what I do because I know what I’m doing and have done it sense I was five. I know nothing of what it’s like to be butcher; no words can describe the actual feeling of it, you cannot detail to me the feeling of warmth or cold, it is there and you know it or it is not and you are lost with meager words.

No one likes change, unless that change is chosen. Change is in essence bad; it rips people away from their cozy routine. Rarely are there good changes, because what more is change then the next best solution outside your routine, what you are already doing. I can’t imagine why anyone should be forced to what they don’t want to. Many fear change, and like the grand “Four Freedoms” we should be protected against fear. So allow people to do what they are comfortable with, and you do what you are comfortable with.

When society is in itself content with their surroundings, then we shall have dreams. Dreams, like the ones of Martin Luther King, are goals outside our circle of routine. The dreamers will dream, and those who want to change, simply will. The chaos only begins when the non-dreamers try to shape the authenticity of another’s dream. I wouldn’t ask my doctor about a car engine, that’s why we have mechanics. Then why ask a common working man how to balance the national budget? If said working man wants to balance the budget, let him learn how to and make a career about it.

Democracy is the best system of government in existence, but that doesn’t make it the best system of government. In a country where around sixty percent of the population votes and half of those people vote for different candidates; that means only thirty percent of the population is actually getting a “say”. To go further, who can say that thirty percent is the best informed group of people to enact laws to govern my life?

Like Lincoln acknowledged in his Gettysburg Address, we will not let the men who died for our freedom have died in vain. However, with our leader’s approval rating so low, who is to say what those great men who died, died for. There are an incredible amount of opinions by everyone on everything, and amendments are constantly called to be ratified. I believe in the ceasing of these controversial election points and leaving the lawmakers to those who study lawmaking.