This I Believe

Jose - Metairie, Louisiana
Entered on November 1, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

Life can lead us into situations where we must make difficult decisions between two things we hold dear to our hearts. I believe that if family is put first in such situations, all other things in life will fall into place. Recently, my life took me down one of these paths.

About ten months ago, I played drums in a local New Orleans metal band named Mean Machine. Things were going great for the band. Our fan base was growing, and we signed with a local record company, Noise Factor Records. Out-of-town shows were in the booking process. Unfortunately, the time I spent working with the band was time away from my wife and daughter. Family trips to Audubon Zoo were replaced with band practices, and romantic nights out with my wife turned into drunken nights out “promoting” the band with the guys. It wasn’t until after several busy months of practicing and playing shows that I realized how much I missed spending time with my family. My daughter started to question when we would spending the weekend as a family again, and I could feel the distance growing between my wife and I.

For years now I had been trying to convince my wife into getting pregnant in hopes of having a boy, and now I didn’t even have time for the family that I already had. I decided to put my family back as the first priority in my life. It took me awhile to figure out the best way to break the news to the band. After all, we had bonded and grown into our own family. Though it was extremely hard to push aside something I had worked so hard for, I knew that my real family was more important. I severed all my involvement with the band. I immediately focused my time and attention to my wife and daughter. I now had time to help with homework and housework, and even found time to work on having that baby boy. Realizing that our family could soon be getting bigger, I planned to better our future and enrolled into classes at Tulane University.

Ten months later, I have the son that I’ve always wanted. I received a generous raise at work after my boss learned that I was back in school. I have been promised more money as I get closer to a degree. I find my family happier than we’ve ever been, and our future is looking brighter. The thrill and adrenaline rush I get from seeing my family content is enough to rival that of performing on stage. Much like in a song, perfect timing is everything. I believe that the perfect timing in rededicating my family as number one has lead us to where we are today. There will always be time for more bands and more fans, but I already have the three most important fans of my life.