This I Believe

Judy - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on November 1, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

If I neglect my body, I will soon have no place to live.

Working in a hospital is a daily reminder of my gift of health. I am a diabetes educator giving information every day on how to care for the amazing complexity of our body. We too often take for granted how our body works for us, such as the exquisite balance of food and insulin. If this system fails, diabetes results and I intercede to teach folks how to think like a pancreas, make choices to control blood sugar and to prevent complications that result from out of control diabetes. How to eat well, exercise, manage stress, and protect health are every day opportunities to affect our health. You may ask if I have diabetes. No, and I intend to make choices to prevent it. To protect or neglect? I’m outta here – gotta take a walk—-