This I Believe

Morgan - Culver, Indiana
Entered on October 31, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe In An Education . . .

I believe in an education. An education can make the difference, of becoming the CEO of your own company or working at a place like KFC. It gives people the opportunity to say “Yea I graduated from the best college in America” versus having to say “Would you like fries with that?”. I believe that people would rather hear what a successful business man has to say other then the problems of a single mother trying to live paycheck to paycheck. Another thing that is true is that education equals wealth. Usually the more education you have leads to a paycheck with more zeros then the usual person. Since America has now become so concerned with wealth and power, money gives you stability to have a life with less problems, along with less worries. All the time you hear people say “I want to be rich when I grow up”. Yet they are the same people who mess around during class and don’t get their homework done. They are the people that don’t realize that education is more then learning, education is everything. It can make everything of your life or nothing of it. It comes down to free will, and the choice you will make. People do not stumble upon wealth they work hard and earn it. Some people even go to medical school for seven years just so that the next twenty years can be spent working, using the things they learned to help others and of course, get more money. In return the family that they make can get a good education as well and the pattern continues. Education will give you power and wealth. Then power and wealth will give you everything else you need or want in life. So I believe in education, because with it anything is possible.