This I Believe

Ashlie - Gold river, Connecticut
Entered on October 31, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

A Change for the Better

I never expected life to give me things that wouldn’t see coming. I was always the individual who had things her way and never took no for an answer. I was (and sometimes still am) an overdriven person that needed to rush through just to find answers to life thinking that if I knew everything, I would never fail. Until recently, I considered my life to be perfect, that I didn’t have to change anything about myself because I was always in control of my life and my destiny. .In retrospect, all that sounds absolutely moronic, because life has a way of throwing each of us a curve. This summer, I met one individual that challenged every belief I had in me.

I truly believe in the power to change for the better, even when we least expect it . How many news articles have we all read of people whose lives changed because fate stepped in? It doesn’t even have to be a cataclysmic event or a second coming, but it does change you. For me, it was a person and his name is Ben.. To say that Ben and I are from the opposite side of the tracks would be an understatement. His life is so completely different from mine that it is impossible to think that our lives could have ever crossed paths. He had hit numerous dead ends and was always placed in unfortunate situations that took a toll on his life. Instead of moving forward, his life was always kept on hold. Yes, a lot of it can be attributed to poor judgment and decision making, but overall its mostly because guidance wasn’t there.

. Ben has taught me many lessons. Through example, he made me believe in optimism. He knew what it was like to fail, something I was afraid of experiencing. Regardless of how many times, he’s been beaten down, life goes on for him and he continues to work at becoming a better person because of it. He made me believe in humility. He wasn’t afraid to tell me that I was pushy or overbearing, which surprised me because no one ever pointed out my faults. He showed me that it was okay to be imperfect and that imperfection was beautiful. He pointed at how being overly proud could hurt one in the long run.

He made me believe in me. He showed me that as much as it was good to have a goal, it was even better to enjoy the journey to success rather than to fast forward and realize that I was there already. Best of all he made me believe in faith. Ben is a prime example of someone society has obviously forgotten about. He has gone through more trials and tribulations than anyone has the right to at his age. Yet, he continues to have faith that something better will come along.

No one ever really ever knows what happens next in their own lives, regardless if one has a plan or not. We never expect, welcome or embrace change because maybe we think that we are already perfect. In my case, I used to feel that way. However, I met this man who helped me to improve myself and even my life. And for that, I know I have changed for the better.