This I Believe

Andrew - Oak Park, California
Entered on October 30, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Taking a higher level math class has not been easy for me. One thing for sure, it has forced me to work a lot harder than I had to before. However, another reason it has been tough taking a higher level math class is because everyone calls you smart after they find out that you’re only a freshman in high school.

“Jesus Christ! Those two (my brother and I) must be friggin’ geniuses,” would probably be a good example of one of the things I hear. So, whenever someone tells me that I am or anyone else is smart or dumb or whatever else they can come up with, I tell them that I’m not exactly what people would call a genius and that there is no such thing as someone being smart or dumb.

To me, no one should be considered superior or inferior in knowledge. To me, being smart only means that the smart individual strives harder in life. Grades really don’t tell anything about someone being smart. Yes, some people might have more knowledge than others, but smart is not the right word to describe that. If that was the case, I would be smarter than some of the professional athletes out there. However, not having had as much experience in living a life, I would never consider myself to be the smarter individual in this world. According to the current teenage definition of the word smart (‘A’ = smart), everyone can become smart. All it takes more effort in school and more effort in doing homework and projects. To me though, there is no such thing as being smarter than others. The only reason some people are considered to be smart, is because they make better decisions than others (ex. do homework, study for test). It is not because they are a born genius or because they are Indian or Asian (I hear those a lot).

Almost everyday, I hear people being called geniuses and others being called retards or idiots. I believe that what is being said is not true and most people should try ignoring them. Kids who get higher grades are often referred to as “nerds.” I’ve been called that name before. The first time I heard it was in sixth grade, and I felt bad when the word passed through my ears. But now, I have realized that getting good grades and being at a higher level of knowledge than your peers is something you should be proud of; it is an indication that you are doing something right.

The bottom line that I am trying to draw here is that I believe no one’s intellectual status is based higher than others’. It just so happens to be that some people achieve higher understanding and knowledge in some subjects and others in other subjects. Some people are faster learners than others. However, people should not be labeled as being smart or being stupid. I believe that everyone has their own special quality and that being smart is not among them.