This I Believe

Sarah - Slidell, Louisiana
Entered on October 30, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

Friday Night Dinners

When I was young, my family was my whole world. My dad was my protector, my mom was my nurse, cook, and many other things; my brother was my hero. I believe family gets a person through life. That’s why I try to make time for my family. I believe in having family Friday night dinners.

When I was in jr. high, my mom used to cook every night. Being a kid, your mouth just waters at the mention of pizza instead of pot roast. So, every Friday night was our family pizza night. We would order pizza from Dominoes or Pizza Hut and sit in our living room and talk. It was all very casual. This was the time to talk about school, work, problems, and good news. Because of these dinners, my parents, my brother, and I were able to open up and talk.

As I got older and started high school, my life as well as my families’ became much busier. I was home less and had much more work to do. But every Friday night, there I was seated on the couch in my living room holding a mouthwatering piece of pizza in my hand and talking about my week. Even though we were slowly going our separate ways, we always seemed to make time for those memorable family Friday night dinners.

Now, I cherish each and every minute I am able to spend with my family, especially now that I don’t live at home. I feel that those Friday night dinners helped in a way make the growing-up process a little easier. Because of those dinners, I was more up front and honest with my parents. I was able to express my feelings and be heard. This gave me more confidence to face the world. My brother and I became closer and closer. Now, I can truly say he is my best friend. These dinners taught me many things. They taught me to listen when being spoken too, to compromise and be compassionate, and to express how I feel and not be ashamed of it. The most important thing of all is that these Friday night dinners helped me realize what I have and not take for granted the most precious thing given to people…family.

People are often so concerned with what is going on in their lives that they forget about their loved ones. I believe people should make a special time for their family. They should order out or eat in, go to a restaurant or eat at home. That special time can be different for everyone. Some people may want to have a home-cooked meal, some may want fast food. For me though, it will always be sitting in my living room eating pizza on Friday nights with my family.