This I Believe

Brenda - Streamwood, Illinois
Entered on October 30, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that rubber band wars can play an important role in building social and life skills. At my first job, I was intimidated by the group of people who all knew each other while I knew no one. For the first few months I hardly talked at all. Then, as was common in our workroom, a rubber band war broke out and, for once, I joined in. It turned out to be the best idea I’d ever had at work.

Many people think rubber band wars are pretty childish but I have to disagree. It teaches a lot of good things. For one, it forms camaraderie. Many times we’d team up and go after each other. This actually helped us when we were working because we then worked better as a team. It let me know how the other person thought, so I could help them in ways they needed most. Having rubber band wars in the workroom actually increased our productivity.

Before I joined in on the rubber band fights there would always be awkward silences where no one knew what to talk about because I didn’t really know anything about my coworkers. As we were having this first rubber band war, however, we ended up talking more than fighting because it broke the tension. We’d end up talking about school or our likes and dislikes while we were warring.

Along with teaching social skills, rubber band wars teach great strategy skills and hand-eye coordination. I learned great ways to sneak up on people to get them in the best spots. In using strategy, I always learned how to be discreet. Unless you hide the rubber band until the second you shoot it, the other person is going to dodge. You might ask how it improves hand-eye coordination. For one thing, it helps to aim the rubber band and judge how far it needs to go. Hand-eye coordination comes in handy. Also, in order not to get hit you’re going to need to dodge, so also helps out those reflexive abilities.

Most people think of rubber band wars as a very childish activity. Childish? I think not. It’s just another way to get to know people better. Perhaps that is why some view it as childish. We do these things as children because we know hardly anyone and just want to make friends. Are you up for a war?