This I Believe

William - Beavercreek, Ohio
Entered on October 30, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that happiness is one of the strangest things. Happiness is the basic goal of every single human being. People spend their lives in pursuit of happiness, but some never find it.

Yet happiness is no more than a simple feeling, controlled entirely by you. You can choose to be happy or not. If you wake up one morning and decide that it is going to be a good day, you have found the simple joy that eludes so many people. Think of what people do in search of happiness. They ruin their bodies through dangerous drugs; they kill for it. Happiness is the most accessible thing that is not accessed in the entire world.

I have never had any problems finding happiness. It simply comes naturally to me. I take a positive outlook on everything. I decide to be happy, and I’m happy. It is the simplest, and yet, in my opinion, most important “secret” of life.

Why people constantly invent methods of making themselves unhappy is beyond my comprehension. For example, who invented the idea of fashion? With the addition of fashion, more standards are added by which you can judge yourself and make yourself unhappy. Some people force themselves to do exhaustive hour long regiments of hair brushing, styling, and gelling; makeup application; perfuming; etc. If they do not perform these rituals, they feel unhappy and insufficient. As for myself, I never comb my hair if I can help it and I do not know the meaning of the words “color coordination.” I feel as content with these unsophisticated acts that are the antithesis of the cruel mandates of fashion as other people are with their extensive preparations.

So why does happiness evade so many people? Is not happiness controlled entirely by oneself? Why do so many people resort to drastic measures to find happiness? These are the questions I cannot help but ask myself.