This I Believe

Pamela - North Bridgton, Maine
Entered on October 30, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

This morning I opened a box of cereal. It is something I do almost every morning, trying to stay healthy, eating my fiber. I paid nearly $4.00 for this box of cereal. As I wrestled with the sealed wax paper bag the flakes came in I had my ‘I believe’ moment.

I believe manufacturers of the most mundane products in the United States need to reexamine how their product has ‘aged’ with us baby boomers. There are over 78 million of us, and we aren’t, unfortunately, getting any younger.

There was a time that I paid less than $1.00 for this same product. It came in almost the same box, same quantity, same packaging. However, reflecting on this I must have been a lot stronger. Or smarter. At least I don’t recall the packages fighting me back. Now, and maybe it is because the price is closer to $4.00 then $1.00, I get exasperated when the bag refuses to neatly open and then refuses to stay closed.

And we all know what happens to the quality of our flakes when left open to the air for a few days.

As a 1949 baby I don’t have the patience I used to have with products that go stale before I have a chance to use them.

Wouldn’t the logical solution be to use zip lock bags in all boxed cereal? Could that possibly add all that much to the cost? Maybe just one less advertising blitz would pay for it, and not increase the price?

In any case, that is my ‘I Believe’ moment. Pretty boring, not earth shattering, I know. But it is my belief that manufacturers are stuck in a time zone that’s in need of some updating.

And, did I mention opening cans with can openers? That’s another story, another day.