This I Believe

Thomas - Gig Harbor, Washington
Entered on October 30, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

How do we know if there is an actual God? What shows us to have a religion? I have seen no proof/evidence of a God. People have told me that miracles happen for a reason and they also say it is because of God that they do happen and why people are still alive. People may have different opinions than me, but I need to know what would make me believe in God if I have seen no proof of it?

Others may believe in God, Buddha, or whatever religion(s) that they believe in, but that is there choice not mine.

If somebody tried to influence me to believe in a religion on which I would know nothing about, I would be asking questions that they probably wouldn’t be able to answer. They would probably just give me a blank stare and be thinking “why is this guy asking so many questions that I don’t know or can’t answer.”

When people try and influence me about believing in a God, I give them a blank look about why are you here talking to me when I don’t even know you. If I believed in God, I would be more involved in the conversation. I don’t like to be rude and tell the person that is talking to me about believing in God, but I have almost said to him/her “I don’t believe in God, so could you please try and influence somebody else about believing in God.”

At times I just want to ask a Priest or a Pastor so many questions about how I could believe in God, but I haven’t had the time. If something happened to me (close to dying), then I would probably believe in God, but until then I don’t know. When I don’t know what to believe and with not knowing why others believe in a God, how can I believe when I would like to know more.

Numerous of people that I have seen go to Church, but why they go is because they believe in a God, but I have gone to church a few times, but I still don’t understand why people believe in a God. If people would tell me why they believe and not trying to spread what they believe; I would probably believe in a God, but until then, I will not believe in a God.

The reason why I don’t believe in a God is because I have not seen anything to make me want to believe. For example; I have heard that miracles happen because it is the work of God. If that is true, then why don’t you prove it to me.