This I Believe

mike - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on October 30, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

The Benefits of Honesty and Truthfulness

Mike Winter

My core value in my life is trust and honesty. I have two because I don’t believe that you can have one of them with out the other. I have learned to trust everyone from the start. I am one of the few people who does not start off by judging you. Even after someone has lied to me I usually forgive them because I also believe that forgiveness is key to happiness because if you had a grudge on someone then your life would be wasted thinking about how you can get your revenge on this person. I also am extremely honest to people. If they ask me for help or my opinion I give it to them in all honesty and I expect the same back. There is only one thing that I have lied about in my life and it is a personal secret who only selected people and best friends know. For me it hurts to keep this secret because I am not that type of person. I have only told two of my best friends, about five other friends, and two of the people I have went out with and I will continue to tell the people I go out with in the future. The reason that I trust everyone so much is that I don’t think that after getting to know me that many people can keep a secret from me because I am always willing to help even if it means affecting my life in a poor situation. Also because I have only one lie from everyone and I am strait up honest and tell people that I have a secret that I am keeping but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t trust me because sometime in my life I will tell them and they know I will because I never break a promise to anyone. I also forgive people so easily because I believe that in some cases, when you forgive someone after they have lied that they will never again hide anything from you and you and that person will have a good relationship without any lies.