This I Believe

Hilary - Oak Park, California
Entered on October 29, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: afterlife, death

What happens after you die? I used to think about that a lot, but now I think I know. I believe that after you die, you come back as a spirit. I didn’t always believe that. Actually I used to think that the whole after life thing was really stupid. But just recently, something happened that has forever changed my perspective on this matter.

My mom used to tell me a story about when her cousin died. After the funeral, everyone had gone back to her house. As my mom looked out the window, she had noticed a hummingbird just kind of staring at her. For the next few days, whenever my mom would look out that window, she would see the hummingbird, still hovering in the same spot, and all the while staring straight at her. By the next week, the hummingbird was gone, but my mom believed, and still does, that that hummingbird was her cousin. She believes that her cousin had come back for a few days just to check up on the family and make sure everyone was doing all right.

Now, when my mom first told me this story, I thought she was crazy. Who ever heard of a dead family member coming back as a bird? But my thoughts didn’t go on like this for very long.

A few years later, my grandpa past away. My family and I went back to Pennsylvania for the funeral. We got there the day after he had died and stayed in a hotel near my grandma’s house so we could help her with everything. That night, as we walked to the hotel lobby, my family and I noticed a gray and white cat walking around outside. I noticed the cat only because it was wintertime and I remember feeling sorry for it because it was so cold that even I was freezing with all my layers on. The people that worked in the hotel told us that the cat had showed up early the day before, and for some reason, it just kept walking back and forth in front of the hotel. When I first heard about the mysterious cat, nothing struck me as odd, but I soon realized that my grandpa had died around the same time that the cat had showed up.

The next morning as we were leaving the hotel to go to my grandma’s house, I again saw the gray and white cat and I again couldn’t help but feel sorry for it. Over the next several days, every time I was going or coming from the hotel, I would notice the cat and wonder, just like my mom had only a couple years earlier, if the cat was a ghost coming to check up on his family.

I believe that the gray and white cat was my grandpa, and I believe that all spirits come back to check up on their families. This my mom believed. Now this I believe.