This I Believe

Stephanie - East Jordan, Michigan
Entered on October 29, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

The Joy of a Road Trip

“Quick, turn the music down! Your dad is calling!” my friend Alicia yelled at me. Those words are usually the most repeated phrase on any road trip that I take. I think that everyone in their life should go on a road trip somewhere. Whether you are driving down the freeway, or even to a soccer game in a neighboring city, and the windows are rolled down and the music is cranked up as loud as it can go can be one of the best joys in life.

Three days after I got my license, I went on my first road trip. I got to drive two and a half hours up to an island in the Upper Peninsula. I drove there with Alicia and three of my sisters. I had so much fun. We were playing my C.D. as loudly as we could and were singing at the top of our lungs! We had my phone turned all the way up so we could hear it if someone called. I only had to refer to the map once. That is the whole point of road trips- going someplace, having fun, and getting lost at least once! Road trips are all the more better when you are having fun along the way.

Who says a road trip has to be going a long ways away? I think that a road trip can be considered to be going to watch your friends play a soccer game in a different town. I love going to sports games, especially with my friends. Driving there and back is always half the fun. I just got back from a soccer game with one of my best friends, Alicia. I think we both agree that it turned out to be a very fun night. That is what road trips are for; having a good time. After the game, we followed the school bus all the way back and were laughing about anything we could think of. I believe everyone should experience he amount of fun a road trip can be.

The best road trip I have ever taken was near the end of summer with one of my other friends, Liz. We went all the way down state to Kalamazoo to see some of our friends from camp. We drove forever, but it was all worth it! We got lost right when we got there because we had no idea where we were going. We also had a little car trouble. Liz forgot to turn the lights off to her truck and the battery died. We got the car jump started and everything turned out fine. We got to have fun with our friends and learned a little about jump starting a car at the same time!

I believe in road trips. They teach responsibility and give a little adventure to life. Everyone should go on a road trip at some point in their life because it brings a little extra pizzazz into an ordinary day.