This I Believe

Christine - paradise, California
Entered on October 29, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

Believe it, Prove it

I believe in proving myself.

This world is full of stereotypes, and not everyone falls into them.

I am a teen parent, and when people look at me, they see another statistic.

I grew up in foster care, where it was hard to prove myself, hard to be heard, or even seen. I was told that I would amount to nothing and that I would be another welfare case. To truly find success in anything, someone has to prove herself. For an example a person won’t be selected for the any team unless it is proved that she or he has all the qualities, that it takes. Lawyers also have to prove their cases daily. I once looked up the definition for proving yourself, and I came up with, “finding the truth.” Many people in life don’t find the truth. They believe what they are told and do what they’re told. Step out of the box and not only find the truth, but find yourself. Life is complicated and can bring a person down faster then a blink of an eye. I believe that once I have at least proven myself to myself that is when life gets easier.

Today I am heard, I am seen and the fact that I have proven myself; at least, to me, this has given me a confidence, that nobody could ever take away. I am not another statistic or a welfare case. I am a good mother, student, daughter and a good person. It is thanks to the people who brought me down and ridiculed everything I did. If not for them, I might be a welfare case getting high and popping out babies, but I felt I had to prove myself, not to them, but to me.

If they knew that now I was 18 with a daughter, it would be saying that they were right. Yet, it is the furthest from the truth. I may only be 18, but I have proved myself and continue to do so with every passing day. I graduated from high school with a 4.0, and I am now in college studying and working my hardest to become a pediatrician. The most important person I proved myself to was me. I believe that the only real person you have to prove yourself to is you.