This I Believe

Steven - Oak Park, California
Entered on October 28, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

A high school campus can be a very scary place at times, but your friends can help you make it through the experience. I am a freshman and these new experiences are very overwhelming.

Having friends is sometimes complicated. I am friends with kids from the “popular” crowd, kids from the band, kids who are jocks and kids who are skaters. Sometimes being friends with all of these groups gets me in trouble with another group for hanging out with them.

The reason I hang out with all of these kids is because I am always doing something. If I am not doing sports, I am studying or hanging out. When I am playing a sport for my high school, I have friends there who are playing it with me. If I need help with homework, I have a friend I can depend on for assistance. If I am bored I can have someone to hang out with.

I have teachers who are not fun and I just do not like to be in those classes. I know if I have a bad day in class I can have a friend to talk to about it. If I am having problems with a coach or I am not playing well, I know I have a friend who has my back and will help me get through that experience.

But the bad thing with this is all my friends do not see eye to eye sometimes and I do not want to be in the middle of it. If I am in the middle of the argument and I accidentally choose a side I might lose a friend by being foolish and getting involved when it was not my business. I would never want that to happen because I like having many friends that can help me whenever I need them. I know they will always be there.

Having friends in and out of high school can be a complicated thing. With my life and with many types of friends it can be rough. But one day I know that my friends will help me and each other make it in this crazy world we call high school. I am a fourteen year old freshman at Oak Park High School. My name is Steven Brodie and “This I believe.”