This I Believe

Aubrey - Oak Park, California
Entered on October 28, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Imagine a world of complete sameness, not being able to act how you want and listening to what society tells you to do every day. I’m a 14 year old girl living in California, where appearance and what television and celebrities tell us is more important to us then almost anywhere else. I feel that teens need to stop caring about what everyone else says about them and that they also need to stop reaching for unrealistic views of beauty. We all listen to society and our peers, that’s a given. Even if we don’t want to or if we tell ourselves that we aren’t paying very close attention to all of the media and thoughts of others, we do.

I believe that teens should love themselves for who they are, and not what they do and how they look. Every single day I turn on the television, or see a movie where someone has to be beautiful, or skinny, or a cheerleader, or any number of other things in order to be accepted by society. I feel that that sets a poor example or the young girls and boys of America. Everyone always whines about how we need to have thinner youth, and that we need to invest all our times into the future of our country, the children. Then the media tells us about how you have to be perfect in order achieve many things in life. Then when the children and teens of America start to listen to that and start having eating disorders and become obsessive with appearance we start to learn that we cant have all of these images in the heads of today’s youth because we’ll start to listen to what they’re telling us and we’ll want it.

Also, striving to be popular is another thing hitting teen’s hard. Being a teen myself, I know the pressure and the things we all have to go through every day. We all already have enough pressure from school and our parents to do well in life and to excel in everything, that we truly don’t need to have anymore pressure put on us. The pressure to be cool from our peers leads to drinking, drugs, poor grades, and sexual activities that none of us need.

If we could all just learn to be ourselves, then we really wouldn’t need to deal with all of this added stress. I think that everyone is beautiful on the inside and we all just need to show how that is because we all change ourselves to make others happy, and we would probably all get along the same way if we all acted how we want to inside. We really just all need to be ourselves and not listen to the media and our peers. I believe we could be just as happy with how we are inside. This I believe.