This I Believe

David - St Helens, Oregon
Entered on October 28, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

This is what I believe. People call me cynical, but they do not disagree.

EVERYBODY IS CRAZY. Crazy expects different results from the same behaviors. Don’t we all do that on occasion? Crazy denies that anything is wrong, then asserts that it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. It’s embarrassing, so we tweak it. We spin it. We upgrade. We retreat and regroup. We reinvent ourselves, but we don’t always change our behaviors.

ANYONE CAN GO BAD. Not everyone will, but anyone can, even the ones you least expect. No telling when, either. It depends on the occasion. Going postal. School shootings, snipers and road rage. There is no formula to predict who, when, where or how. Why? It mystifies us and terrifies us. Who can you trust?

TRUST NO ONE. Why would you? Everybody is crazy now and then. Anyone can go bad. The beings without heartbeats, INCorporated but incorporate, are not your friends either.

Fear is real. When chaos strikes, our preparations inevitably prove inadequate. Imagine fields of uninhabited mobile homes. Each successive crisis diminishes the capacity of authority to respond effectively, especially for the most vulnerable among us. It would be foolish of me to disregard this.

BELIEVE NOTHING. What is believable? Science? Religion? God? The Devil? If I truly believe, then I have no reason to question further. My world collapses because I can never transcend what I believe.

What do I do if you don’t agree? I can live and let live. I can convert you with the logic and passion of my faith. I can coerce you to adopt my belief. I can kill you. Belief justifies all of these approaches.

Believing is a kind of madness. We seek some kind of assurance, some certainty in life, and we are willing to close our hearts and our minds to anything outside our beliefs. The open mind dies at the hands of the believer. Innocence and innocents too. The truth is that I don’t know what is happening or why it is happening.

LISTEN. In my heart, in every human heart, all is known. We need to pay attention. Both love and hate manifest through me or I could not be here. I could not be human. We are good and bad and bound to change. Pain and suffering are inevitable. So is death. The only compassion for our situation comes from the heart, so listen to your own heart and behave accordingly.

From whence comes that which the heart hears? You have to answer that for yourself. Cosmic Consciousness, the Holy Ghost, the Word of God, Allah, Jehovah, Great Spirit, Wisdom Mind, Whatever. For me, it is the One Love that loves us all.

Don’t believe anything, divine or otherwise. All I ask is that you make a practice of listening to your heart. If you and I act on that which resonates in our own hearts, then we can live in peace. This I truly believe.