This I Believe

Sunny - Red Lodge, Montana
Entered on October 27, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in the healing power of animals. Being involved in Pet Therapy for many years I have seen children, seniors, and the very ill helped by interaction with animals. A lady in a nursing home my standard poodle (Hale) and I visited would not speak with the staff as she was angry about being there. Hale and I were visiting one afternoon when this lady spoke to the dog. It was the first time staff had heard her say anything. “Please come in” she said. She sat and talked with him for over an hour all the time rubbing his ears and playing with his curls. When she was finished she said “see you next time”. Hale was able to visit his friend every 2 weeks for over a year. She would tell him all her troubles, how things were going and just her general thoughts. One afternoon with Hale laying across her bed while playing with his ears she said “thank you for coming” and quietly passed away. This lady found she could talk with Hale, he would not talk back or judge her. She found comfort in him just being there. I think though his touch and presence he helped her last days to be less lonely. I truly believe in the healing power of animals.