This I Believe

Kayla - Brewster, Washington
Entered on October 27, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem, death

Live Like You’re Dying.

Throughout the past week or so I’ve thought about life and how quickly it can be turned upside down. If you think about it, anyone could die at any given moment. You reading this could die right now…or now! Walking down the street you could die by getting hit by a car or by having a heart attack. Anyone could die or have something terrible happen to them in an instant without any reasons why or any indication that he/she could be hurt. Life is very fragile so everyone should take advantage of everyday that they are alive.

Unexpected things can and will happen throughout your life. One day at school my friends and I were sitting in class talking about our friend named Stephanie. We were wondering what she had been up to and that we wanted to call her and hang out one of these weekends. We went on talking about all the fun times that we have had with her and other friends throughout the summer. The next day at a football game Kelsey, one of my best friends called me and said, “Steph died today.” I couldn’t believe it. I asked, “Are you kidding?” and all she said was, “I don’t want to talk about it now” and I could tell she had been crying. I couldn’t believe it, a 17 year old beautiful girl that had everything going for her died. She supposedly fell into a little canal that had three feet of slowing moving water in it. They aren’t sure just how she died but she is one person I can say lived her life to the fullest and I didn’t even know her that well. I know that she is somewhere better and I’m not afraid of drying, just waiting for my chance and living it up everyday that it hasn’t come yet.

I try not to worry about too much or put myself into a situation I could regret. I want to think of the happiness in everything, even though there are hard times and embarrassing times. I want to be able to look back and laugh at myself and feel lucky for all of the days I have lived and all the dreams that I have made come true. I want to be the little old lady sitting in a rocking chair on her porch drinking a glass of sweet iced tea without any worries, just happy to be alive. You see people everyday throwing their lives away over lost loved ones, or “The one that got away.” You have to live for yourself and realize how valuable life is before you can start living for someone else. You can’t make something everything because when it is gone you have nothing. Don’t take advantage of living, live life to the fullest as if that moment will be your last and when you realize that it’s not, smile.