This I Believe

anthony - oak park, California
Entered on October 27, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


Friends are a big part of everyone’s life, some more then others. I strongly believe in friends. Not a certain friendship but friends in general. Making new friends, keeping your friends that you have now, and even losing friends. Friends come and go, stay and leave. It’s like a cycle. Friends mean everything in the world to me, next to family. I don’t know what I would do without my friends that I have today.

Friends are a part of everyone’s life. They are always around you. At school, when you hang out on the weekends, doing projects together, and so many other things. That’s why it is good to have friends, someone who you can trust and can look after you.

I don’t know what I would do without my friends. They mean everything to me. Everything I do I’m usually with my friends. A while back two of my really good friends who were also very close got into a fight. They were fighting because they thought that one had said something about the other one. They fought over the stupidest thing ever. Believe it or not, they did not talk for around 8 months, until this year. They are not as good of friends as they used to be. This is why you should hold onto your friends. It hurt me to see that they were fighting over something so stupid. You should never let something this stupid come between you and your friends.

As I got older and older I made a lot of new friends. Many were from different schools. Many from different groups and ages. My parents told me that as I got older all of the groups would separate. The jocks would hang out with the jocks, they skaters would hang out with the skaters, and you get the point. Most of my friends have been my friends’ sense 6th grade or lower. We all still hang out! I don’t think that this will happen with my friends. I believe that most of us will remain friends throughout high school. Some of us will be going to different colleges and it will be more difficult. Hopefully we can all hang out though our lives. I no that it is very unlikely to hang out with everyone you still hang out with when your 30 years old but that would be pretty cool. I no that some of my friends and I will remain friends for a long period of time.

Friends are so important. Making friends, keeping them, and even losing them. Friends are a big part of my life and many other people to. You should never let your friends go and don’t let stupid things get in the way of your friendship. I LOVE ALL MY FRIENDS! AND THIS I BELIVE…