This I Believe

Ilianne - 98812, Washington
Entered on October 27, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, love

How to Show Love

I always thought there was no one that loved me. There were families around me who were always willing to help me and support me, but I still thought no one loved me. The reason I thought that no one loved me was because I grew up without my dad. My mom was single, and though she always worked hard to give me the best education, I always believed that my mom did not love me. She never had time to show me her love because she was always working.

I never took the time to think why my mom did not spend any time with me and show me her love. She was always at work; the only time that I saw her was at night time after she got out of work. Then the next day she was at work working again. I never spent any time with her. I always thought that she did not love me because we would spend no time together. I didn’t know I was wrong.

Time passed and I was growing up. I started to understand why my mom did not spend time with me. I started to understand why my mom works so hard to give me something to eat, wear, and a place to live. She was always looking for work to give me the best future. I learned that she loved me even though she did not have time to show me her love. I know that she loves me because I can feel all the love that she had inside she even when she didn’t show it.

There are individuals who love other people but they don’t show it. It could be that they are afraid to tell the person that they love them. There are other people that say they don’t love a person, but deeply inside they do. Many people are not sure about their feelings. People don’t know how to show their love to each other.

I believe in love and that there are people who love me, but they don’t know how to show it. What is the meaning of love? There are people who don’t know the denotation of the word love. Why? Love is a feeling that you have toward another person that you love, something that you are sure about and can feel. Have you ever felt that your family does not love you? That is how I feel sometimes even though I know that deep inside they do love me.

One of my beliefs is that my family loves us no matter what I do. I can always count on them one way or another. My family is always going to be by my side. If I have problems they will find a way to help me get through them. Even though they don’t use many words to tell me how much they love me, they really do.

Now I know that what my mom does love me and what she did was for the best. Even though we never spent time together, I now know how much she loves me. At the same time I know she loves me and my Dad loves me, too, even though we do not spend time together either. I know that my parents love me either way. Me parents love me in every way even though they don’t show it to me. It can be that they don’t have time to show me their love. And then there are people who just have different ways to express their feeling to others. Love is doing the best you can for the people you care about, and my parents have done their best for me.