This I Believe

Ryan - Putnam, Connecticut
Entered on October 27, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: fear

Running down a dark alley from a hulking figure in black clothing; most people would react in the same way: fear, complete and utter fear. Those same people would probably also say that this reaction would be a bad thing. I, on the other hand, believe that fear is one of the best friends we have, and one of the most important emotions that we are capable of.

Having fear is like having an extra parent; it can push you to be the best that you can be, and it will keep you out of danger (as well as dark alleys). The ever-present fear of failure is what pushes all of us to give an extra effort; we always try our hardest because we want to do the best that we can. The equally common fear of death is what forces us to think twice before we enter a potentially dangerous situation. If we do not have fears, will put ourselves in harm’s way constantly, and would never try as hard as we can to succeed.

When I moved to Connecticut, my greatest fear was being alone and having no friends. That same fear is what pushed me to be social and talk to people; now I have the best friends that anyone could ever ask for. If I had not been so scared of having no friends it is very likely that I never would have met some of the people that I now hold closest to my heart. My fear was like a guiding hand on my shoulder, pushing me to meet new people. I will now enjoy my high school life much more because of this fear and its effects. With out my friends, I do not know what I would do; with out that fear, I do not know where I would be.

Many people say that the only thing worth fearing is fear itself, but I disagree. If we do not allow ourselves to be afraid, we will have more trouble making decisions about where we should go and what we should do. A saying that I feel goes better with fear is, “If you can’t beat them, join them”. We all have fears, and always will; instead of trying to get rid of them, we should allow them a place in our lives and let them guide us. No one will push you harder, or keep you safer than your own fears.