This I Believe

Kelly - Oak Park, California
Entered on October 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

No Worries

As I lie in bed at night, in the dark of my room, I think. About what? Everything, my life, my family and friends, my plans for the next day, whether it’s school or shopping, I just lie there thinking about the world. How nice would it be if there is no war, no hunger or poverty, no stress, no worries?

When I talk to my mom about what’s stressing me, involving school tests or my family, all she has to say is,” Just do your best, don’t worry about it.” When I think about my mother’s comment and think about the problems in the world, I come to this conclusion, don’t worry about what you have no control over.

Hunger, poverty, the cure for cancer, war, terrorists, and nuclear bombing are all things a normal person thinks about and wants to fix or do something about. If we worry about them too much our lives will be just one bug problem. You can’t try to fix things you don’t have control over, and if you don’t have control over it, don’t worry about it too much.

Helping the starved, giving to charity, making people aware of cancer risks and how to prevent it are things you can do to help these problems. Put your energy into helping and doing productive tasks. One lesson I’ve learned in my life is you just have to let things work out on their own sometimes. Things that you can’t control, you just have to leave up to fate, have faith that it will all work out and untangle itself. Have faith your family friend will beat the illness. Have faith you will get that job you interviewed for. Have faith that life is full of surprises.

So tonight, while I lie in bed thinking about my life, family and friends, the world, and what will happen, I will think also about the good things in my life and not worry about what I can’t control. I will just remember that comment that my mother told me, and not worry. This I believe.