This I Believe

Santiago - Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Entered on October 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that sometimes even the toughest of people who say that they’re not scared of anything will get scared one day. I believe that now matter how big you are or small that one day you’re going to be scared and your beliefs are going to change. I know this because of personal experience. I used to think I wasn’t afraid of anything. But that changed when I got stuck in my friend attic. It was dark and scary that’s wen my beliefs changed.

I used to believe I wasn’t scared of anything. I was invited last year on Halloween to go to my friends house and watch some scary movies we had rented at Blockbuster. I can remember when she asked me. I was at school I think we were doing science or math and I felt something hit my back. I turned around and it was my friend G he had thrown a paper ball at me. I remember looking around to see if my teacher was looking, then I kneeled and picked up the ball. Written inside was “Scary Movies, At my house Halloween night, spend the night?” I turned back and nodded.

So on Halloween night I went up to his house only excepting it to be me and him but I was wrong. There was about eight other people. I knew all of them we were all friend this was gonna be a good night. I remember G saying “Ok, time for movies” so we all sat down and waited for the movie to start. G’s mom bought like 8 packs of soda cans and 5 pizzas she sat them down on the coffee table. We watched a lot of movies we watched, “When a strangers calls” (for the rest of the night we were paranoid every time we heard a noise), The Grudge, White Noise, The Excorisim of Emily Rose, The Excorist and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. After a while we all sat down and talked.

We were all discussing about things we were afraid of, when I blurted out that I wasn’t afraid of anything so did G’s sister. So then G had a wonderful/Stupid idea. He thought it would be funny to put me and his sister throughout tests to see what we were afraid of. So we sat outside for about 10 minutes (Note it was 3AM). We got tricked into going into a closet and we got locked in there. But whatever they did we didn’t get scared. Henry said to lock us in the attic.

Alright so here’s the deal G has this really small crawl in closet that probably only 4 people fit in it. So we took the dare and I have to admit my hands were sweating REALLY bad. Right now all I could smell was leftover pizza. We had to accept the dare we couldn’t let them win. So we went un to the attic at first it was ok but then it got scary. The guys locked the attic door and me and G’s sister were banging on the door screaming. But they wouldn’t let us out. I could feel cobwebs on my ears head and hands. And I could feel old wood that felt as if it were about to fall. After 10 minutes of banging they let us out. That’s when my beliefs changed EVERYONE has a fear.