This I Believe

Tiffany - Louisville, Kentucky
Entered on October 26, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death

I believe that nursing home neglect is more common than what some people like to think. My reason for believing this is because i have lost a family member close to me within the last year. My grandmother was in a nursing home for rehab purposes only. Because she was left by herself, mostly on a consistent basis, things started to happen to her. She hdn’t been the strongest on her feet anyway, and they never payed attention to that. She had fallen forward and put a goose-egg knot on her fore-head, and started bleeding enternally from a medication she was taking.

I believe these types of things shouldn’t happen under someone else’s care. My grandmother didn’t need a full-time baby-sitter, but to be checked on once an hour shouldn’t have been too much to ask. Nursing home staff should be more than waht is considered “normal” for them. I believe that nursing homes should be ran and staffed similar to hospitals, fully staffed with enough attention for each patient. The poor souls in nursing homes don’t really have a clue as to what’s going on. The elderly are not treated as they should be. No one person deserves to be mistreated, and especially not someone who was a s sweet as my grandmother.

I understand that each caring family believes their elderly family member is just as important as anyone else’s. Some people don’t stop to think about what happens after they play their family member in a nursing home. If one can’t do for themself, then they do not get proper care. A medication could get mixed up, certain doctors orders won’t get clarified, and overall these people don’t get enough attention. The family forgets or doesn’t have time, then these poor souls are left all alone.

I for one have major regrets of not going to see my grandmother more often than I did. I can only blame myself. She meant and still means the world to me. I let time go by believing she would always be there for me. I messed up, and now she’s gone. I Miss You and Love You With All My Heart Grandma Dunn!!!