This I Believe

Sabrina - Oak Park, California
Entered on October 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, respect

I feel lucky to have a brother like I do; somebody that I have so much respect and trust in. I believe in him, and no matter what the situation or observation is, Ryan is always right, even if I don’t want to believe him.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. Everyone at school likes my brother because he’s hilarious. When I try to explain him to people who don’t know him, I feel as if I couldn’t honor him enough, and that they couldn’t even imagine him.

My nature, the personality I was born with, had not always seemed perfect to me. For example, I took things too seriously. Sometimes I wonder what I would be like without my brother, who I think changed me drastically, without trying to. I think, I could even say I know, that I would be an entirely different person. I wouldn’t have the same sense of humor. I don’t know if I’d be less smart, or how I’d see the world. I’m not sure if I’d be friends with the same people.

As me and him got older, we became really close and I started taking a lot of his opinions more seriously. I started to learn that things I could tell my parents, but not Ryan, were things I was ashamed of. There have been times he’s told me stuff I would deny and refuse to believe, but realized later on that he was right. Because this has happened time, after time, after time, I’ve learned to hold his opinions in high regard.

Building all this respect for my brother had its drawbacks at times when I had more faith in him then he had in himself. I wonder, did I expect him to be as confident and pompous in himself as I feel about him? Is that even realistic? But then, how can I explain all the times he’s been right, if he isn’t what I think he is? I could ask myself all these questions, or I could just look at the facts. All the things he’s accurately predicted, the flawless report cards, and all uncanny incidents where he was just… right.

Ryan is like my best friend. We have so much fun, we laugh a lot, and my friends love him. I know I don’t want to be one of those people who never talk to their siblings when they are out and on their own. He’s the reason my friends think I’m funny… because I learned from him. He is my sense of what is good, or what is just plain stupid. I wouldn’t be the same person without him, so I believe in Ryan Jeremy Schwartz.