This I Believe

Rachel - Oak Park, California
Entered on October 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Look Both Ways

In 1999, there were 90,000 traffic related injuries. Most of these were from things like people crossing the street without looking at the incoming traffic or not walking on the sidewalk. In traffic and other parts of life, most stupid accidents can be avoided and should not happen. I believe that people should look both ways before they cross the street.

Those 90,000 traffic accidents that happened could have been avoided. If people thought about what they were about to do, took some simple safety precautions, or even just used common sense, those accidents would not have occurred. Safety measures should not only relate to traffic and things like crossing the street, but also to every day life.

I live in small town and attend a small high school. Even so, with this group of people, evidence of mistake and “not looking” are everywhere. If you peer across the hallway, there’s a kid copying the homework from someone else because they forgot to do it. If you look the other way, a kid is showing up to class late because they were too busy getting high. On the other side of school, there is a kid teasing and beating up someone else. These actions result from people not thinking about the consequences of their actions, and not realizing the effect that their conduct could have on the future.

All these actions were like someone not looking both ways before they crossed the street. They were caught up in the moment, and did not think to stop and realize what they are doing and what it could lead to. If people looked both ways and they thought about the effect of what they are doing, the world we live in might be very different. Before doing something, people should stop and think of what consequences could arise from their activity, and whether they would be good or bad. I believe that people should look both ways before they cross the street.