This I Believe

Omer - Oak Park, California
Entered on October 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Sports. I believe that it’s important in every young person’s life. I am a normal fourteen year old boy with a strong passion for sports. I run cross-country and track in my high school, but I also play other sports for recreation. I’ve been doing sports all my life and believe that sports is important because it gives you competition, lets you get your energy out, and it is great for your physical and emotional health.

I believe that sports are an excellent activity for kids because of its source of competition. Competition allows kids to push each other to be better while also having a fun time doing it. It gives kids an opportunity to try their best and to stimulate the body. Physical Education was always a class that I would greatly enjoy because I always liked playing sports and it would give me a chance to play me a variety of sports every week. Competition is also very important because without competition then we wouldn’t have a reason to try harder and to push ourselves, which I believe is a big thing that helps the economy going.

Sports are a great way to get out all of your energy. I believe that this is important in any person’s life because it helps relieve stress and lets you get your focus off other things that could give you more stress. Getting your energy out is also important, because by my own experience, it helps me concentrate better on other important things such as school.

I believe that the most important aspect of sports that has the greatest positive result is the effect on your physical and emotional health. Sports are great on your self esteem. It is a great way to help improve it and make you feel good about yourself. I have also realized that if you succeed in sports then you tend to succeed in life. Sports makes you want to do better and gives you something to work for. Its physical effects are also really good. Sports can get you in shape and it can also get your heart in better condition, which is a great benefit. Sports can also help you lose weight and build a better body. It can be a fun way to lose extra weight.

I think that sports are a very important aspect of a young person’s life and believe that they should be a daily program in every kid’s life. They provide a fun and safe escape and are great because they give competition, is a fun and healthy way to get your energy out, and it also has many positive physical and emotion health results. Sports are one of the great things in my life that I will always enjoy for the rest of my life, whether it be watching or playing it. It has always allowed me a great escape from a stressful world and a fun activity that I love to play with friends. I believe that sports are an excellent activity, and should be welcomed.