This I Believe

Elijah - Claremont, California
Entered on October 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe…

I believe in tolerance because it’s is cruel to misjudge people by their looks. If somebody is disabled it doesn’t matter as long as they have great character, and are optimistic about their position. An event in my life that inspired me to write this is when I made fun of a disabled person when I was 6. I soon changed my opinion because I realized I hurt his feelings. Some people treat others with disrespect because of their race. People who are judgmental are usually ignorant and afraid of people who come from different races. You shouldn’t people by their height, weight, or their race. You should judge others by their character. It doesn’t seem right to judge people by their looks or race. It doesn’t matter if somebody has mental or physical problems. You should treat others with as much respect as you can. If you make jokes about people it makes them feel like they can’t fit in no matter how much they try. If you notice somebody with disabilities don’t say anything about them. It’s hard not to say anything but if you try your hardest nothing will come out of your mouth, which is good.

I have friends whose ancestors came from everywhere around the world. I feel proud of myself because I have lots of friends who are from different races. People will always find ways to insult you, but you have to ignore them. Something that will occasionally happen are bad choices, such as snapping back at somebody when they insult you. I know this sounds weird but if you do it shows them that they are gaining control of you. If you ignore them they will stop because they are gaining nothing. I think it is sad not all people are tolerant because the main reason for war is gaining control over a free race, usually. If there was no fear of different races there would scarcely be any wars. I think racism is an interesting topic to discuss because half of the people in the world think people should not be afraid of people from different races, and the other half thinks the opposite. I agree with the non-fear side. Don’t think you can’t be somebody’s friend because they are a different race because that is not true. This is a message not only to people who are interested in racism, but for the whole world. This I believe.